WordPress and 500 Internal server error after moving server to another host

I moved my WordPress from one server to another and run into "500 Internal server error", apparently this problem was connected with configuration in .htaccess file or more specifically WP Super Cache plugin that caused this problem as the data in .htaccess file were incorrect (pointing to wrong direction). Here are the easiest instructions what to do if you have the same problem: 1) rename .htaccess to something like ".htaccess.old" 2) put there blank .htaccess which includes only following: # Read more [...]

WordPress ISP config and weird HTTP error on media uploads

I ran into this strange problem - on a WordPress installation running on top of Ubuntu 12.04 with ISP config there was this site which had problems accepting files over roughly 150kB. When the file was larger it ended up with "HTTP error" and upload did not finish. But fear not - here is the solution: The easy way: stop using fast-cgi and switch to SuPHP. This might be a quick fix but might lead to other issues (performance, security etc.) The hacker way: 1. login to your SSH for convenience Read more [...]

How-to fix WordPress running at ISPConfig 3 giving Error 500 – Internal Server Error

Ok so I ran into this problem - I have WordPress installed at Ubuntu machine running ISPConfig 3 and as I tried to upload images it just gave plenty of errors and in the end: ERROR 500 - Internal Server Error! I think it is somehow related to my upload_max_filesize variable set in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini Anyway here is how to fix it:  nano /etc/apache2/mods-available/fcgid.conf and add there (below FcgidConnectTimeout): MaxRequestLen 15728640 So now there it set request limit to 15 Read more [...]

How to get RSS feed from any WordPress web

Here is small useful trick how to do that - just open a category like we have here "News" located at: https://www.hackerway.ch/category/news/ and add feed to it so the link is like this: https://www.hackerway.ch/category/news/feed/ Now if you put this URL into your browser supporting RSS feeds (ie. Firefox) you can receive RSS feeds only from the specific category (news) rather than from the whole site. Read more [...]

WordPress installation guide

Yeah I know, there is maybe dozen howtos on this topic, but I think there is always space to do a "how to" even more easy to use or just more recent (up-to-date). What do you need? Basically a webhosting running PHP and MySQL. Except for special hostings like some "free to a domain" - most webhostings starting at 5 USD / year do offer this. How to prepare the database? Assuming you have MySQL server ready, just access the phpMyAdmin (just ask your webhoster about it) and click Databases and Create Read more [...]