WordPress and 500 Internal server error after moving server to another host

I moved my WordPress from one server to another and run into "500 Internal server error", apparently this problem was connected with configuration in .htaccess file or more specifically WP Super Cache plugin that caused this problem as the data in .htaccess file were incorrect (pointing to wrong direction). Here are the easiest instructions what to do if you have the same problem: 1) rename .htaccess to something like ".htaccess.old" 2) put there blank .htaccess which includes only following: # Read more [...]

How to enforce redirect from non-www to www via .htaccess file

On one of my sites I had this tiny little problem - I needed to enforce redirection from myexamplewebsite.net to www.myexamplewebsite.net because both websites were active and thus provided duplicate content which is very bad for Google ranking. Ok so how to do it? 1. In your web root (usually where index.html or index.php is) find file .htaccess (yeah it really starts with dot in the beginning which marks "hidden" in Unix structure) 2. edit it and add following: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond Read more [...]