How to install (and download) free Microsoft Picture Manager

I had a problem the other day - client bought and installed Office 2013 which to his surprise did not include his favorite MS Picture Manager which he uses especially for batch crop of many images (it's very useful tool - probably the best I have seen for this). Anyway as it's not included in the Office 2013 suite you can get free SharePoint Designer 2007 which by the way includes the above mentioned Microsoft Picture Manager! So long story short - download and install this, (WikiTransfer mirror) Read more [...]

Half Life 1997 Alpha Version Leaked On The Internet

Apparently the Half Life 1 Alpha Version Leaked On The Internet and the first appear seems to be here at ModDB. Since quite a lot of time passed till the date of  release (gosh almost 15 years!) I think it's considered rather rarity for Half Life enthusiast - collectors item if you wish and not really a subject to a copyright hunt though the has been overloaded so I found another mirror for my readers of the file HLAlphabyJayzer.rar (256.21MB) located at Some Read more [...]