How to create a 1 GB file on Windows

Some while ago I wrote a how-to for the Debian. Yesterday I needed to do the same thing on Windows - create 1 GB file. Here is how it's done: fsutil file createnew <1GB_file.bin> <1073741824> <1GB_file.bin> is the filename, name it whatever you prefer <1073741824> stands for size in bytes, Google might come in handy 🙂 Obviously it's good idea to run it from the command line 😉 Credit goes to Patrick Cuff @ - Thx! Read more [...]

Create 1GB File With Random Data Using Debian’s Terminal

The first question is obvious - Why would anyone want to do that? Apart from reason because he can 😀 there is a really good one - when you need to test speed of your network or hard drives - you just create a file of needed size and copy it to other place (or wget it). So how to do it? It's fairly easy: dd if=/dev/random of=1GB_file.bin bs=1024 count=1073741824 so what it does? dd  is disk manipulation utility if=/dev/random where to read from (so it reads random data) of=1GB_file.bin where Read more [...]