AMD’s big announcement: We will build x64 servers based on ARM

So AMD is shifting towards ARM architecture. Is is going to mean something? Who know... The point is - ARM is more efficient but incompatible with the "good old" x86 architecture which powers hell a lot of things nowadays. Is it going to be successful? Who knows but the problem is - most enterprise software is written for x86 platform so with this new project all of that has to be re-written or at least re-compiled. In two or three years we might know... Source: AMD Teams Up with ARM to Read more [...]

Expect big announcement on AMD’s future strategy, coming next week

According to there is an upcoming announcement on change in AMD's strategy which will probably open some gates to mobile markets as there is this mysterious "special guest" coming in. We will keep you posted as soon there is known more, hopefully it is going to be big as the AMD's stocks are not doing too well:   So this better be good :). Read more [...]