How to create a 1 GB file on Windows

Some while ago I wrote a how-to for the Debian. Yesterday I needed to do the same thing on Windows - create 1 GB file. Here is how it's done: fsutil file createnew <1GB_file.bin> <1073741824> <1GB_file.bin> is the filename, name it whatever you prefer <1073741824> stands for size in bytes, Google might come in handy 🙂 Obviously it's good idea to run it from the command line 😉 Credit goes to Patrick Cuff @ - Thx! Read more [...]

WordPress ISP config and weird HTTP error on media uploads

I ran into this strange problem - on a WordPress installation running on top of Ubuntu 12.04 with ISP config there was this site which had problems accepting files over roughly 150kB. When the file was larger it ended up with "HTTP error" and upload did not finish. But fear not - here is the solution: The easy way: stop using fast-cgi and switch to SuPHP. This might be a quick fix but might lead to other issues (performance, security etc.) The hacker way: 1. login to your SSH for convenience Read more [...]

Duke Nukem Forever 2013 review, the Build version

If this review should give you one recommendation - don't read it. Just go ahead and download it right away - it's really worth the time. I've not been so attached to a game for several months and  I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I also did not include any pictures from the gameplay in this review and for a damn good reason - any interesting picture would probably lead to a spoiler, in fact the logo itself says a bit too much :). If you won't be able to play it like ever, you can see the Read more [...]

Duke Nukem Forver 2011 meets Duke Nukem Forever 2013

Guys I don't know what to say - some folks at forums put together a free mod based on Build engine which has potential to be more interesting than the "official" Duke Nukem Forever 2011 game. Just go ahead and download it! Here is a mirror - just in case the official download mysteriously disappears or gets overloaded: and the official downloads: P.S. Read more [...]