How to install VMware tools for Workstation 11.0 in Debian 7.x x64

Installation of VMware tools in latest Debian is fairly easy: 1) Click Install VMware tools on host computer 2) mount the VMware CD: mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom 3) Copy the VMwareTools-*.tar.gz file from /media/vmware  to any directory on your HDD 4) unpack the files: tar -xvzf VMwareTools*.tar.gz 5) go to the vmware-tools-distrib  directory and run following: apt-get update apt-get install build-essential apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) 6) Install the tools: sudo ./ 7) Read more [...]

How To Deal With The Heartbleed Bug

As I have to administer some Debian and Ubuntu machines running ISPConfig I thought it's good idea to write a few notes on the latest "Heartbleed Bug". First of all it's worth notify that OpenSSH which is commonly used to administer Linux machines is not affected by this bug that much so it's not needed to re-generate the keys os if you do the classic update/upgrade procedure you should be fine.. As for the ISPConfig itself it's not affected though the administration uses HTTPS so it's wise Read more [...]

How to install (and download) free Microsoft Picture Manager

I had a problem the other day - client bought and installed Office 2013 which to his surprise did not include his favorite MS Picture Manager which he uses especially for batch crop of many images (it's very useful tool - probably the best I have seen for this). Anyway as it's not included in the Office 2013 suite you can get free SharePoint Designer 2007 which by the way includes the above mentioned Microsoft Picture Manager! So long story short - download and install this, (WikiTransfer mirror) Read more [...]

How to easily create Windows 7 bootable USB drive

The other day I needed to setup a bootable USB drive for Windows 7 and I really was not looking forward to it as it was always big pain to do it. However times changed and now even Microsoft provides tool how to migrate their installation ISO onto a USB drive - use this tool "Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool" (original site mirror). The process is pretty straightforward - you select the ISO, choose to put it onto a particular USB drive and click next. I've successfully installed a bunch of PCs Read more [...]

Easily monitor current network traffic with nload tool in your Ubuntu (or Debian) machine

I recently needed some good utility for monitoring current traffic (throughput) on my Ubuntu and Debian machine so after thorough research I found out that the best is nload. Installation is easy: 1) apt-get install nload 2) nload 3) use arrow keys to switch interface (you would likely want to navigate to eth0) See below for a screenshot: Read more [...]