Duke Nukem Forver 2011 meets Duke Nukem Forever 2013

Guys I don't know what to say - some folks at Duke4.net forums put together a free mod based on Build engine which has potential to be more interesting than the "official" Duke Nukem Forever 2011 game. Just go ahead and download it! Here is a mirror - just in case the official download mysteriously disappears or gets overloaded: http://www.wikitransfer.ch/2Yu/DNF.rar and the official downloads: http://msdn.duke4.net/DNF.zip http://www.moddb.com/mods/duke-nukem-forever/downloads/duke-nukem-forever-2013-10-version P.S. Read more [...]

The Pirate Bay now operates (to some degree) from North Korea

As guys at Torrentfreak informed The Pirate Bay operates at least to some degree from North Korea and simple traceroute shows it: Tracing route to thepiratebay.se [] over a maximum of 30 hops:  ...  11    63 ms    39 ms    37 ms  ae-4.r22.londen03.uk.bb.gin.ntt.net []  12    42 ms    53 ms    43 ms  ae-3.r21.frnkge03.de.bb.gin.ntt.net []  13    43 ms    49 ms    38 ms  ae-3.r21.frnkge03.de.bb.gin.ntt.net [] Read more [...]

Antigua Government Is About to Launch a Warez Website – 10 Years After Elaborate Bytes (CloneCD) Moved To Antigua

It's sort of funny and a little bit scary, but according to Torrentfreak.com Antigua government is about to launch a warez website which profits should compensate the losses from US market blockade of the gambling websites. At least this is the decision of the WTO. The irony of this is that it's almost exactly 10 years anniversary since Elaborate Bytes, the creators of the famous CloneCD, moved to Antigua to continue development of their software. Sources: Torrentfreak.com, Afterdawn.com Read more [...]

Half Life 1997 Alpha Version Leaked On The Internet

Apparently the Half Life 1 Alpha Version Leaked On The Internet and the first appear seems to be here at ModDB. Since quite a lot of time passed till the date of  release (gosh almost 15 years!) I think it's considered rather rarity for Half Life enthusiast - collectors item if you wish and not really a subject to a copyright hunt though the moddb.com has been overloaded so I found another mirror for my readers of the file HLAlphabyJayzer.rar (256.21MB) located at WikiTransfer.ch: http://www.wikitransfer.ch/vx/HLAlphabyJayzer.rar Some Read more [...]

AMD’s big announcement: We will build x64 servers based on ARM

So AMD is shifting towards ARM architecture. Is is going to mean something? Who know... The point is - ARM is more efficient but incompatible with the "good old" x86 architecture which powers hell a lot of things nowadays. Is it going to be successful? Who knows but the problem is - most enterprise software is written for x86 platform so with this new project all of that has to be re-written or at least re-compiled. In two or three years we might know... Source: AMD Teams Up with ARM to Read more [...]