Duke Nukem Forever 2013 review, the Build version

If this review should give you one recommendation - don't read it. Just go ahead and download it right away - it's really worth the time. I've not been so attached to a game for several months and  I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I also did not include any pictures from the gameplay in this review and for a damn good reason - any interesting picture would probably lead to a spoiler, in fact the logo itself says a bit too much :). If you won't be able to play it like ever, you can see the Read more [...]

Duke Nukem Forver 2011 meets Duke Nukem Forever 2013

Guys I don't know what to say - some folks at Duke4.net forums put together a free mod based on Build engine which has potential to be more interesting than the "official" Duke Nukem Forever 2011 game. Just go ahead and download it! Here is a mirror - just in case the official download mysteriously disappears or gets overloaded: http://www.wikitransfer.ch/2Yu/DNF.rar and the official downloads: http://msdn.duke4.net/DNF.zip http://www.moddb.com/mods/duke-nukem-forever/downloads/duke-nukem-forever-2013-10-version P.S. Read more [...]

Duke Nukem Forever Mods – current status

Dear Duke Nukem fans, as you are very well aware 2K Games decided not to release Duke's Enormous Tool AKA map editor (and not only map editor) for Duke Nukem Forever. This decision was not made by Gearbox, Triptych and definitely not by 3D Realms. As a result I abandoned content which was available at DNFMods.com and as you can see - you have been redirected here. A few weeks ago there was no hope, now there is very slim, that something might happen... Stay tuned. Read more [...]