Awesome alternative to –

as now user I though I could share with you my almost 8 months hands-on experience – I’m using since 21st July 2014, so I assume the time series is long enough to make an objective opinion.

The Awesome:

A lot of checks for free (in comparison with – 50 monitors and 5 minute check interval, can check by “ping”, TCP connection or by checking for keyword on website. Pingdom allows 1 check and 1 minute interval for free (it used to be like that now it seems the free is gone for good). The paid plans are really expensive with Pingdom – like 15 USD to check 10 websites with 1 minute interval, that’s really insane…

The offers for 4.5 USD/month 50 checks with 1 minute interval and 20 SMS – it’s really a no brainer…

The Not so Awesome:

User interface is really not the best and there is a lot of space for improvement but the price and features are really unbeatable – in any case the most important is the message you receive on your email and that is absolutely clear.

Conclusion really doesn’t make any sense to me, I don’t see any advantage to pay more for same service – their plan for checking 50 websites with 1 minute interval costs like 45 USD/month (!!!) which is outright insane. Btw. I also contacted support on few times (using free account) and received reply within few hours, really awesome! I also tried but I was not particularly impressed – UI seemed really old and if I remember correctly there were some features missing.


I’ve no affiliation with (as you can see no referral links). I just thought I should share my positive experience with alternative service for fraction of the price.