Shadow Warrior (2013) review

The remake of 1997 Shadow Warrior made by Polish studio Devolver Digital really pleased me. I spent like 3 hours in game and I’m still enjoying it which is after all those years quite rare… I got it off so no crappy DRM and the game runs and looks very decent. I’m a bit tired so I think I will go just with the bullet points:

the awesome:

  • katana sword – it’s really well made and it’s pleasure to use it
  • PC optimizations – plays fine on an average PC and it yet looks very well
  • the controls are clearly focused on keyboard + mouse and not some crazy gamepad
  • the humor – you won’t get anything like this in a serious game like call of duty – it’s more like Serious Sam
  • the detail of gore – I’ve not seen anything this detailed since Soldier of Fortune and well that’s a LONG time

the good:

  • skippable animations  – finally some brains have been put to development đŸ™‚
  • save the game at any time you want – no crazy forced checkpoint
  • no automatic health regeneration
  • secrets are nice
  • references to old Shadow Warrior

the bad:

  • it doesn’t have any multilayer which is quite sad – katana could have been fun đŸ™‚
  • on normal difficulty it’s very easy – if you ever played the original (1997 version) don’t even think about the normal difficulty

the ugly:

  • the corridor gameplay is felt a bit more than I like

final thoughts:

  • it really feels like Duke Nukem Forever or well at least this is the what it should have been
  • price is very decent plus it’s available on DRM free platform
  • I got it as a pre-order and I don’t regret it as it delivered mostly what in game videos from beta promised

If you like shooters like Serious Sam and hate Call of Duty-like games it’s absolute must – just go get it!

I give 9/10