Oblivion (2013) movie review

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I finally had a chance to see the movie Oblivion (2013), while some praised the movie others did not like it that much. I had mixed feelings – first 1/3 was really boring. Then it got a bit better and then it was over. While the idea wasn’t that bad the devil is always in the detail and I think the detail just wasn’t there – take a look at the Armageddon (1998) – it was really dull story – save the Earth and everyone gets it and no other explanation needed, though here it was like Joseph Kosinski tried to enrich the story but in my opinion he didn’t quite get there – I would say the potential was not fulfilled and a bit less romance and more background story about what actually happened would help a lot. Nowadays it’s always the same – directors play it safe to please everyone yet they please no one (or at least not those who actually think about the story of the movie).

Though to be fair – I relaxed watching it which is also a benefit. I would say 6/10. Maybe 7/10 if you like sci-fi (I do).