In Time (2011) movie review

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StatementThis is my personal subjective opinion, you might agree or disagree with the review but always say “why” in discussion below and please keep the discussion civil. Thank you.

Long story short: Movie with interesting concept (using time as currency), unfortunately there are plenty of half-baked situations which ruin the whole thing.


I do not consider myself a movie critic in classical sense – as somebody who is looking for the artistic merit. When I’m looking for a movie I always try to choose those which are at least somewhat educational. I’m always looking for new ideas, new concepts and visions. I also have a special rule – if the movie does not show its hand in the first 1/3 then I just turn it off.

What is it about

Now about the movie – I didn’t know what to expect. I did know that it is a movie where a society uses time as currency instead of coins and notes (or electronic banking). Money are transferred with a handshake or could be stored in small boxes (you will see plenty of them later in the movie).

As you can expect there is story about a poor part of the world (think of ghettos) where time is scarce and there is also other part of the world which has accumulated plenty of time (think of Wall Street). The clash is obvious.

What I liked

I liked the idea – the concept of the movie.

What I didn’t like

I didn’t liked its half-baked status, where plenty of questions were unanswered such as:

  • Why is there such a small amount of riots when people are dying all the time?
  • Why people resigned?
  • Why is nobody using those time lockers except for rich?
  • If the time is distributed the way it is (everybody is given some time at birth), why there are no so-called kings in ghettos? It would make sense to make children just to get the time out of them (think of farming time).
  • How was the wealth of the rich accumulated?
  • How about Africa or Asia? There is plenty of people willing to trade and causing inflation in the system.
  • How about electronic money? Why is nobody trying to steal those? Why to rob a bank? Why are banks less guarded than private penthouses of the rich?


I think you should definitely go see it. But don’t expect documentary how this old-new currency works 🙂