Call of Duty: Black Ops II PC review

Statement: This is my personal¬†subjective opinion, you might agree or disagree with the review but always say “why” in discussion below and please keep the discussion civil. Thank you.

Long story short: Here we go – yet another money milking game ūüôĀ which any sane person should avoid.


First of all РI consider myself a PC games veteran as I play PC games for over 18 years (yeah from times when Doom came out) and my Steam folder contains more than 300GB worth of bought games.

I have medium-high range PC (six core system, 16 GB RAM and two  HD6850 in crossfire) plus I also have three monitors so I have eyefinity setup. I did not write this to amuse you but rather to let you know that I know computers beyond average consumer (see my how-to guides section).

I also have a degree in economics so I can understand when somebody is trying to make customer happy and along the way make some money out of it and when a company just tries to rip you off on a brand name game while there is nothing more.

About the experience

Now to the game – first of all I have to admit that I have not finished the whole game – too much trauma for me and as I progressed in the game I wrote down some notes so here is my experience:

Installation: No problems at all, disk size about 15GB which is the average size nowadays.

Launch: Low res Intro starts playing, if my memory still works fine, I would consider it something like 2006 wise quality. Intro was not working properly with my eyefinity setup as it was stretched to the left monitor, center monitor and a little bit of the right monitor (about 10%) Рit was so weird!

Main menu:¬†Classic “press start” menu, yeah I guess I got over it… Bloody console ports…

Settings:¬†Rather limited, when set to 5760×1080 or 6048×1080 it simply doesn’t work and something weird was going on my right monitor.

Starting the game:¬†Ok, so I chose “regular difficulty” and started playing the career intro became so weird that I had to downgrade to 1920×1080 just to be able to see the whole thing.

Playing the game:¬†The story is really dull, couldn’t get excited. It didn’t make any sense to me, there was no logic structure I’m used to. It also was not good shooter game (like¬†Serious Sam 3: BFE was) it almost felt like on-rails shooter which falsely claim that there is something more, while there is not. Game is terribly¬†dumbed down and when I saw press “S” to swim I knew this is bad…

Guns didn’t feel right – I was running out of ammo, then I was forced to get on a truck and all the ammo has been refilled in a second.

Enemies didn’t feel right – they were behaving like¬†kamikazes¬†running straight towards you and if you stood next to them they wouldn’t not care about it waiting to be shot…

In a very early part of the game there is a soldier saying something like this “Don’t bother with him – this guy is a vegetable“. To be perfectly honest I’m no longer sure who the vegetable is…


Guys you gotta be kidding¬†selling¬†this for 60 USDsane gamers – please avoid, don’t waste your most precious commodity you have – time.

If you are still not sure what this game is about here is a picture which says it all:

If you are still not sure what I’m trying to say here, here is a video:

Message to the developing team:

Guys, I hope the bonuses were worth it because you can’t be seriously proud of this…