Amazon DRM? Say Bye-Bye To Your eBooks

Long story short – Amazon at their sole discretion closed an account which owned a lot of ebooks – maybe thousand of dollars worth. Their reason? Connection to some other account which has been closed because of fraud. The trick is – she never had any other account. We don’t know if it is true or not, but Amazon is here to provide a service – give users access to books for a price and reward authors of the books. Nobody asked them to investigate.

You know what? This is rude, offensive and total disrespect of customer. If you look at the correspondence between Amazon and Linn it’s quite unbelievable – the representative from Amazon says – we closed your account, books are gone, we won’t give you refund nor reopen the account so you can backup your books and gtfo. Also please don’t ask why we closed the account as it is our (little) secret.

To be fair to others – Steam (Valve), Origin (EA), Apple iStore and all the others have same or similar conditions but not everybody enforces it (yet). Remain vigilant and at best avoid sellers who treat you with disrespect.